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Friday, July 10, 2009

Unexplained Joy of Birthing Your Own Baby

I have written in my other blog about "The Happiness of Catching your Own Baby" . It's about the miracle of the brave spirits of mommies who gave birth to their babies literally with no assistance from doctors, nurses or even midwives.

In unassisted childbirth, moms give birth at home and no one acts as midwife. Husband or friends or their children might participate on varying degrees , but certainly no one instructs the mother on how to go with the process, when to push and the best position. The advocate of such practice believes that a woman is the true expert of her own body . I somehow agree with the idea. If animals know their own timing without any help, how much more we humans. Timing of contractions and checking of dilation is not so necessary. When a woman is in touch of her own body she knows when to push. All the knowledge she knows to birth her own baby is all within her already.

Do you agree with that? I agree with that, however with the practice of medical intervention when birthing , we women tend to lack courage to do it on our own. I admit I envy the women who had the guts and experienced the joy of catching their own baby. I on my millions thoughts could not imagine myself doing unassisted childbirth. I even would not imagine myself giving birth without my maintained OB. That's how coward I am. That is the reason why my eyes were filled with tears of joy looking at the unexplained joy of having these women catch their own babies with love.

mommy In Labor

Mommy Pushingbaby's head emerges
Baby is Finally here

The fruit of Mommy's hard labor

1 comment:

Joemill said...

Kudos to all of them! Very brave! But I have to say, very dangerous. You're putting two people's lives at risk.