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Thursday, December 11, 2008


The boxing world's superstar returns home on Wednesday, Dec. 10,08 to the acclaim of His countrymen!!

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao received a grand welcome befitting a sports hero as he arrived from Los Angeles, California before dawn yesterday. "I'm happy to be back. I dedicate my victory to all Filipinos. ", was his words to the all who met him. "I'm proud to have given my country a great honor. Thank you for all your support and prayers", he said as he stepped into the airport's Presidential Lounge.

Manny shook hands, gave thumbs up sign and even posed for souvenir pictures. He signed few autographs too. Pacquiao spoke on microphone connected to the airport's public address system, and these were His words:
" Thank you for praying for my victory. To all my countrymen, my victory is yours. The Lord Knows it, it's in my heart. All of us Filipinos are proud of this boxing feat. Let us unite, forget politics and focus on how to improve our lives and how to improve our nation."

Hours after, he visited the Quiapo Church in Manila to hear mass amid another throng of supporters welcoming him. Pacman shared, as a defender of faith, the prayer he made at the corner of his ring, following his fight: "I said, 'Lord , it's you, and not me. You'd let me win. You helped that's why I won. That's why You're the first I have to thank. It all comes from You. I thank You"

The people's champ also mentioned that He want to finish school. " I want to finish school. Boxing is different. It's not meant for a lifetime" , he said.

Manny got a carrot cake from his no. rooter , Pres. Gloria Arroyo baked by the presidential chief, after hearing the mass at Quiapo church. On the cake is written the mythic tagline conferred on him by the boxing's bible Ring Magazine : World's #1 pound-for-pound boxer

Lastly the boxer shared a tip on how to spend amid of the global financial crisis: "when you dont need to, don't spend. Always think if the things you're spending on has a purpose or if it's your family who would benefit. Avoid vices, the money for them could be used to buy rice."

Hmmm.. well, is this true Manny? Nevertheless, You're still the champion. Congrats Manny!!

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