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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Greatest Gift

Gifts, presents, bundle of joy, something for someone, whatever they may be, the Spirit of Giving is Present and it is so eminent during December. But, I had a questioning- feeling why it's only during this time? Almost all said , it's because December is the birthday of Jesus our Lord. So it is a time for joy and giving.

Literally speaking, one cannot prove that December 25 is the natal day of the King of Kings. Even when we search the dictionary, the historical books, the Bible for one, the internet, none could pinpoint that it was December when the Lord was born. It's not that I dont believe in the birth of the Lord Jesus, because I do. Let me take you to another side of the picture which is my point.

Incarnation was the first step God has passed in order to reach us and be able to save us. Jesus being incarnated , stepping down from being a complete God into a lowly man from the day He was born is amazing and worthy of all our praises. That is one of the greatest gifts mankind had received. He was the only son of the Father but because of His love for man His son he giveth. But the process did not stop there, He lived for 33 and a half years to become a pattern of the highest standard of morality. Moreover He suffered, crowned by thorns and Hanged on the cross. He was the Son of Almighty yet He gave up His life to save the fallen mankind. He rose up again to become the life-giving Spirit which is availabe for us to breathe in. Now He is becoming the reality of everything we need. Could you think of a greater gift than that?

My point here is that, why we only have the spirit of giving during December.The true root of giving-atmosphere was when the Father gave His only Son to us that He might died for our iniquities. If you believe that December was the birth of Christ, let me refresh you that His act of giving did not stop at His birth.The Lord is now the Life-giving Spirit and continued to be our all day by day. How we need to live by this thought. Is it not then a time for joy and sharing everyday? If so, It's not only in a certain month or season that we have to fan the flame of the spirit of giving. We must have the heart to reach out and share what we have anytime. We need to be enlightened too that material gifts are nothing compared to our own selves being offered to others. Our service , our love and our compassion and even our simply just being there is far more than the things that one could offer.

Hope we set the Lord as our Living Pattern when it comes to giving. It's not only a season the Lord is available for us. He meant to give His life to us for us to live day by day. And for us to imitate in being a fountain of blessings to others. Having a heart like that of Him we can then offer our greatest gift which cannot be bought by any amount of silver nor gold.

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jhoana said...

when I was a kid I wonder why December 25, was chosen to be the day to celebrate for Christmas.. but now I know a little, it's because It was described on the bible so theologists maybe predicted that it was it.lugamp