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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Pregnancy Discomforts

I don't want to be a complainer as this is not my first pregnancy but being pregnant with a precious baby in your tummy for nine whole months is never easy. From morning sickness to back pains and leg cramps , those are just some of the discomforts most pregnant women suffered.

It's not even morning sickness for me, I can say it's whole day sickness. I always feel so tired and dizzy. Whenever I smell food that is to my disliking, i feel nauseated and vomiting. Oh ,it really feels uncomfortable. Few or more discomforts are really inevitable as our body when pregnant must prepare for the big adjustment in accommodating the growing baby inside you.

When we talk of Pregnancy discomforts it is normally divided into three terms: the first trimester, second and the third trimester. Each of these terms have their own accompanying pains and uneasiness.

First Trimester Discomforts:
Even before your bulging tummy starts to show and before people could notice the growing baby inside you, pregnant mommies would already experience changes. Some of these would be so unpleasant and others are just tolerable. These are some of the discomforts:
•morning sickness
•breast tenderness
•frequent urination or bathroom visits

Best remedies for these are eating small but frequent meals. Don't allow yourself to be very hungry or very full as it will worsen the situation. Juices can help you also settle your stomach.

Second Trimester Discomforts:
Most of the distressing experiences such as nausea and morning sickness would start to disappear during this term. For many pregnant women this term is the most enjoyable. However your body would still continue to change as the baby is continuing to grow. So there are still discomforts that would come along. Some of these would be:
•leg cramps
•back and abdominal pain

In order to lessen or avoid such uneasiness you may try to maintain a regular exercise which are suitable for pregnant women. However, never try a routine without consulting a health professional. Wear low-heeled shoes , ask your partner for a nightly back rub and avoid spicy and acidic foods.

Third Trimester Discomforts:
Finally the third trimester where the baby is fully grown making it ready to see the first daylight, is the most distressing term. During this term your uterus will expand more than you thought it could. There would be a lot of pressure in your bladder and rectum. Moreover there would be pressure in your lungs making it difficult for you to breath. Some of the discomforts would include the following:
• feet and ankles swelling
•appearing of varicose veins
•loose hips
•Braxton-Hicks contraction which are tightening of the uterus
•Disrupted sleep

So you see being pregnant is not easy after all. You will have to undergo to almost all of these unwelcome changes. However, the uneasiness is worth it all. After nine months of discomforts you got to hear the firstborn baby cry which would erase all the pains.


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Bogie said...

hello there :)I thought ikaw na naa sa photo :) Hope you'll be better soon. :)

Rosa said...

buntis ka sis? congrats! normal lng yan. ako din sensitive nuong nagbuntis ako.

Aries said...

I really enjoyed reading it. I'll be back for more...and also wait your backlink, thanks

A r i e s