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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feeding My Boys Over Flower Addiction

Just like the Meteor Garden Before, I again fall in love with Boys Over Flower. It got me addicted for how many days that what I did at home and at free time in the office is just watch the Korean drama by heart. I love the casts. They just fit perfectly to their characters. I was impressed on how they carried their role. Moreover, I'm in love with Go Joon Pyo. LOLZ!! He seems like a magnet to me that wont let my eyes go away. Have read the poem before this post? Ha ha that was personally written for him.

I just wanna thank for ultimately feeding my Boys Before Flowers addiction. I have finished all 25 episodes in a short while. But honestly, I am not over it yet. I keep on repeating favorite episodes like episode 12 and episode 23-25. The lines of Joon Pyo and Jan Di are so heart warming and kilig to the bones. Not to mention the overwhelming love and devotion of Yoon Ji Hoo to Jandi till the last episode. Hu hu.. He is cute too and his character is so sweet but nothing beats the killer smile of Joon Pyo. Ha ha.

Salute to the main casts of the drama: Credits to for the names of casts..


Extended Cast

For now, I am pulse driven to look for another Korean drama which one of the lead star would be Lee Min Ho. I think I already found one!!! How about you are you having this kind of addiction too? See You!!!


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Mommy Phebie said...

hala! daghan na jud mo nabuang ana nga telenovela..c ging ug adai perti kaau mo watch ana, moabot nalang ug kadlawn cge atubang sa PC kay mag watch jud...hhahhaha

about sa ka ging,mao lagi busy jud me mem kay amo gsulit iyang stay dri busa cge me lakaw2x...ako na gani nag hatag nya idea nga magkta n busy jud iya mga skeds...hahhaha...sunod balik nalang mem...puhon2x!

oist ang code ako ra send sa imo through email kay dli pwed dri...k? said...

hmm. marami ako nababasa about ditong korean telenovela. never watched it. maganda ba? parang marami naaadict sa telenovelang ito ah. ano time nito? at saan chanel?