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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jun Pyo and some cute stuffs at Posylane

Being pregnant is not easy. It is so tiring. My body is heavy and my eyes always want to close. It made me so lazy, even to open my pc and get myself online. Sigh... Hello everyone, thank you for the frequent visits. I will make it up to you, I promise.

So what occupied me these days? Huh, I still have that pretty normal busy life: career, family and media. Ha ha. These were what happened last few days past:

1. May 15, 09, Friday. I rushed hubby to the hospital as he had a sudden jolt of intense pain over his lower right abdomen. I was afraid that it would be something to do with his appendix. But thanks God, it was not that. After all the test been done, he was diagnosed to have a kidney stone. He was given medicine to let the stone pass. Thanks the Lord and he felt better now.

2. May 17, 09, Sunday. I get hooked with Boys Over Flower. F4!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Gu Jun Pyo. (Lee Min Ho)ha ha. I love His smile and his stubborn yummy face. Sigh, that Jandi is really lucky to have the two F4 men chasing and fighting for her love. I've watch series 1-11 so far. I didn't want to stop but it was already almost 2am. I still have to work so I just would continue watching it tonight.

I was drawn by how Jun Pyo portrayed his character there. The way he displayed his jealousy over Ji Hoo was really so dramatic. A lonely rich-heir to the Shinwa companies is in love with a lowly commoner laundry girl.

So much for that. By the way, I found some cute stuffs over the weekend while I was browsing to look for a perfect mom agenda planner as my mama needs one. I found it at Posylane and thought that I have a good buy with what I've got. What I have found aside from the planner were a monogrammed key fobs [see pic here]and some monogrammed koozies (my wrapped cloth is Baby Gate) [see pic here] wrapped by a pretty cloth with personalized monogrammed letter S. It's an insulated koozies that will make my drinks stay cold. It actually looks like this. Pretty neat stuff, right? You can buy them at

So that's all for now. Thanks for being here.


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Rose said...

aw adik ka na rin po pla sa bof mommy....
eheheeh parehas po tayo crush ko din po...
siya parang pinoy ang dating niya di po ba...

yen said...

congrats for a new baby she