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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Educating The Fetus Inside the Womb

Hi , as I was sitting here and looking at the baby pics of my children, I suddenly thought of the things that I used to engage while they were on my womb. Not to mention , my children are my pride. They are all well-grown up , alert and vibrant young minds. Hmm let me share you a secret of what I did while they were beautifully resting in my womb for 9 nine months.

First thing first, always treat a growing fetus inside your womb as life from above and A gift from God. Having a child entirely depends upon His blessing. No matter what circumstance you've been dealing with, always believe in that. You cannot have a baby by self-choice for as much as you want it , if it's not meant for u, even the highest-technology today could not give it to you. So again remember, it entirely depends upon His blessing.

It is very important to have the right attitude on becoming a mother. If you want to have a "whole" (attentive, brilliant, receptive, healthy, and intelligent) baby, you must also be "whole" mother.

It is very essential for us mothers to be in the right condition: physically (taking the right food and supplement, and doing proper exercise to stay fit), emotionally (having a happy heart while pregnant), and Spiritually (having the right spirit to enjoy the Lord in all His blessings) ; for us to develop and raise a young beautiful child. We need to have the proper education on caring for this life. Remember the baby's health and risks does not begin after his/her birth, it initiates even before the baby is conceived on the mother's womb.

By being initiative during my gestation months , I have come across to the Knowledge that we can educate the fetus inside the womb. Mothers can actually imbibe good values to the growing life inside them. An environment of the family as well as the personality of each family member exercises a great influence upon development of fetus in the womb. The blessings of good health are indeed, many and universal; biology further asserts that they apply uniformally to both man and woman.

The First Thing That I have Exercised: Training the Fetus Through Music

Music has a pleasing appeal to humans and animals but also living-bushes, plants and trees too! We have observed tremendous impact of different music on living-bushes, plants and trees. Music helps to grow living- bushes, plants trees very fast, fruits are large in size and very sweet, get more corps, etc,
Many people says, Music is my religioun, music is my expression, music is my soul, music is my language, music is my prayer etc …., but rather I would say “Music is Magic” (MM) which has a tremendous power to change one’s mind and mood. Music helps human to cultivate a new temperament.

The importance of the Pre-natal sound and music includes sound environment in the womb, musical aids for the development in the womb, pre-natal brain stimulation, hearing at the birth. The maternal womb is the first school of music, music and pre-natal stress reduction, pre-natal memory & learning, communication before language, sensitive to touch. This music has a pleasant relaxing effect on the baby in the womb.
Music that has pleasant and relaxing effect on the fetus and those that I have tried are: soft music (that goes with string instruments, other instrumentals and piano sound), Christian Praise and Worship music (well, I really believe that it helped a lot) and other sound materials like Kiddie songs and nursery rhymes. As long as the music is pleasant , it will create and impact to the developing fetus.

Other Thing is: Talking to the baby while giving a Belly massage and reading Children stories like fairy Tales and story materials.

Everytime I pose from work or whatever I was doing , I gave my belly a soft massage and talk to the baby and believe that he/she is listening. Talking to the baby will also develop the cognitive and brain formations of the developing fetus. It will make the baby responsive to touch and responsive to the environment at birth.

I remembered buying Children's story books and reading it before bedtime. Hearing other voices of the family members could also create and effect to the baby. It will help on the Language development later.

Fetus actually is not only an unfeeling organism, but is an active Learner.

Experiments done with fiber optics, for example, show that the fetus turns away when light is shined on it; other studies show an increase in heart rate and changes in the movement in the fetus when loud music is played, or when the mother is experiencing states of stress. These observations suggest that even before birth there are specific behaviors being modified and changed in response to experience, and that the fetus is in the process of learning all about them.

You can take advantage of these findings and use your pregnancy as an opportunity to begin the process of educating your child.
1. Sing or hum softly to your fetus or expose to music, the sound provide and introduction to rhytm and tone that will be important to later language development

2.Avoid highly stressful situations which can expose your fetus to hormone levels that block pre-natal learning.

3. Finally, pursue your own learning activities, whatever they are. While the fetus will not learn directly from these experiences, your own mental attitude will be a kind of comfort and security to her that will provide her with the basis for a positive attitude toward learning after she is born.

Thank you for reading .Always remember Your child is a gift from The King of Kings. Having it entirely depends upon His blessing.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a complete nut and should not be allowed to have children. Promote world peace, abolish religion.

Funky Gifts said...

That's a little harsh!!