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Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Moments: Blue!

mommy moments

I missed Mommy Moments! How are you all here. I was so pre-occupied on the past days , taking my time from precious blogging. I miss seeing all your posts here at MM. Good that I am back and will do my best to join every Friday from now on.=)

Today's theme which is BLUE is so timely. This is our favorite color actually. I love seeing my kids on other colors, but I am so mesmerized when they wear Blue!

Blue is the overwhelming "favorite color." Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed.

The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. As the collective color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate.

Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic -- an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Some shades or the overuse of blue may come across as cold or uncaring.

Indigo, a deeper blue, symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization. While blue is the color of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings.

Blue is the least "gender specific" color, having equal appeal to both men and women.
Written by Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Here are some photos of my kids in Blue.
My eldest in Blue Pambahay.. =)

My Second Son in his blue checkered polo

My daughter Alikah in her Blue Halloween costume

My youngest daughter in her blue head wear, dress, panty and blue funky feet patternista edition

My daughters before going to bed with their ate Neng

Now, its your turn! Join us at Mommy Moments!

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Cecile said...

Cute naman ng mga anak mo :-); i love the blues they wore...kakagigil naman yung baby mo...sarap kagatin ang baby fats niya :-)

chubskulit said...

Awww nakita ko na rin at last ang new bundle of joy mo sis hehehe super sa cutensss na naman!

Nostalgic Blue

Tetcha said...

I love the blue fairy look, and your baby is so adorable! Thanks for the visit, mommy!

nice A said...

Cute nga nila tingnan sa blue. Love your baby most... so chubby! Pakurot nga!
Thanks for stopping by my MM post.

Maritess said...

WOW!! sooo cute naman ng mga kids mo sis:-) i love the pics! so cutie nung pics ng youngest daughter mo kakagigil sarap pangigilan hihi:-)

tatess said...

cute naman nung head band ni baby.

Bambie dear ★ said...

I missed you shelo =) nce to hear your back. I know naman na busy bee ka with your cutie baby =) how is she? well goodlooking lahat ng mga kids mo.. pero favorite ko si Alikah kasi girly at ang sweet ng smile nya =)

Have a nice weekend sis =)

Kayce said...

they all look so cute and adorable together in blue! love it...

please check out mine too sis:

My Mini Me in Blue

Thanks and take care

Marice said...

awww they all look great on blue sis!

u may view mine here

jeng said...

You have beautiful kids and your baby is so tabachingching ; )

Willa said...

I love your daughter's blue costume!

Evan's Mom said...

I agree with blue is the least gender specific color. You have handsome young boys and cute daughters. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.

*♥Shydub♥* said...

Its been a while since the last time i visited your blog sis. nanganak ka na pala. at lalaki ng mga kids mo. the youngest shes getting bigger. so cute look at that headband hehe.

Ill change your blog url when i get around to it this weekend. thanks for letting me know.

Mirage said...

It goes to show that blue is not only for boys...cute din mga girls mo in blue! onga pakurot sa baby :D Happy weekend!

Anna said...

That's a really pretty blue costume, bagay na bagy sa daughter mo, cute ni baby...chubby!

Prettymom said...

your kids are so goodlooking :)

gwapo ang panganay, so pretty ng ate alikah and the bunso, so tabaching kagigil..hehe ilang mos. na sya sis?

Prettymom said...

oh and the second son, who's also gwapo just like kuya. (sorry kc agad nag-appear pix sakin kaya kala ko tatlo lng sila..hehehe)

Mommy Liz said...

Kumpleto talaga ang mga kiddos ah, I love blue colors. You have beautiful kids..and they look great in blue.

Chris said...

i love blue! and its great to see you at Mommy Moments again!